Monday, February 14, 2011

Maulidur Rasul Has Come

Rabiul Awal is the month which our beloved Prophet Muhammad Shalallahu ‘alaihi wasalam was born. Prophet Muhammad shalallahu ‘alaihi wasalam was born in Mecca on 12 th day of Rabiul Awal. On the day he born, the majusi’s Eternal flame which never be extinguished was extinguished. And many other miracles happened in his birth day.

Rasulullah shalallahu’alaihi wasalam has taken us from the gloomy world into the bright world. He has lead us to gid rid of stupidity. So, it’s the time for us to thank to Allah that has sent him (shalallahu ‘alaihi wasalam) for us, and thanks to our beloved prophet Muhammad shalallahu ‘alaihi wasalam by obeying his order.

At last, I hope, by the coming of Maulidur Rasul we can be a good Muslims and our love to our prophet Muhammad Shalallahu ‘alaihi wasalam become deeper and deeper. We can realize our love by obeying all his order and leaving all the things he hates.

Ya Nabi Salam ‘Alaika

Ya Rasul Salam ‘Alaika

Ya Habib Salam ‘Alaika

Shalawatullah ‘Alaika

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