Friday, February 11, 2011

Wht U See Is Not Wht U Get

Recently, I thought about fairytales.

About Sleeping Beauty and how she had to be kissed so she can wake up, and about how the Prince had to go through that many obstacle.

About Snow White and how she, too, had to be kissed by yet another Prince in white horse. About Cinderella who cannot break free from her cruel stepmother and stepsisters, but had to wait to be rescued by, again, a Prince in white horse and shining armor.

I can’t help but think what fairytales do to children. I mean, what kind of ideas do this kind of fairytales embed into the minds of young children, especially girls. Would they grow up waiting for their knight in shining armor, only to find that the armor is rusty, the horse grey and limp, and the Prince not at all what they had expected?

Well, they could just be stories to them, mere fruit of imagination, like they were to me, but is it wise to tell them stories that was made up of helpless women, damsels in distress?

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