Saturday, February 12, 2011

Wht Lies Inside Me???

No one knows what lies inside me.. probably because no one knows what lies inside each one of us.. no matter how deeply involved one is with another, no one can ever understand what exactly is going on in our heart.. i know one feels good when one shares feelings with others but some emotions are best kept and felt in your heart, i mean i share almost everything with my family and friends but there are those special ‘few’ which i don’t and would never share with anyone be it the feelings associated with my good experiences or bad, pain or happiness, that doesn’t count, its just that some feelings are just meant for you and your heart..

I honor my past and treasure its memories in my heart and soul. I honestly feel that ‘regret’ is the most awful feeling and i never did and i never would regret anything in my life because i know it was all i wanted at that moment.Life’s greatest setbacks reveal life’s biggest experiences.I just hope i have the sense to manage my memories in a way that enriches my life.

Rather than spending my days judging the events and experiences of my life, i want to adopt a neutral stance and simply accept them for what they are.. Feel the pain and savour the happiness..!!!

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