Monday, February 7, 2011

Music...This is Love...This is M3

It never stops. Never. My heart will never stop turning violently inside of my chest as I gaze up under the hypnotic flash and swirl of lights above and watch their intimate dance. my heart beat will beat me senselessly to the endless rhythm of passion and dreams. My pulse is forever the pulse of the life in a complicated flow like liquid movement on the dance floor. The vibrations of my heart are merely an extension of the stereo’s airwaves radiating from the depths of bass booming speakers. The excruciating pounding of my heart as it dives into this passionate symphony of delicately crafted notes, in sea’s of melodies and spectrum’s full of tones and tunes, that’s where you’ll find a pounding drum to match my heart. Let the music orbit my soul and design my halo while unfolding my wings. Let the music coarse inside these fury veins. Music…this is Love...This is M3.

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